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The endowment will help create a savings account that can be used to fill gaps when funding is sparse.

NeighborWorks celebrated two sizeable donations that helped start the endowment.

Former board president Bill Roberts donated $100,000, and late fundraising chairman Frank Shaw donated $3,500.

NeighborWorks Director Sheila Rice noted, "Funding goes up and funding goes down, and an endowment allows you to kind of live through the rainy days. To understand that there is money that can be set aside and can be used for purposes far into the future."

NeighborWorks also is hoping the new endowment will cater to philanthropists in the community.

Charitable donations will qualify for the Montana endowment income tax credit.

For more information about the "A Place To Call Home" Endowment contact NeighborWorks at 406-761-5861.

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